DelBrenna’s signature chains are incorporated into every DelBrenna design and are the soul of our jewelry!

Every single element in the signature chains is the result of an 11-step, DelBrenna-patented process and each step is carried out by hand. With every inch of chain of our chains having about eight elements, that’s 88 steps per inch, all expertly completed by our craftsmen!

Every DelBrenna chain is crafted with the finest grades of metal: 925% silver and 750% gold.
You may choose between our gold oxidation and rhodium finishes. The choice of finishes does not affect the cost of the chains, so let your heart decide which finish will look best on you!

DelBrenna's Signature Gold Oxidation Finish

A family secret!

Our gold oxidation finish is the result of an ancient process and gives beautiful depth to jewelry. The DelBrenna family has personalized this technique for our collections. In addition to the unique beauty it adds to every piece, gold oxidation is also extremely durable. The finish is loved for its warm patina and is distinct every time, like a bottle of Brunello wine! 

The process is completely natural. After a piece of jewelry is treated with gold, it is allowed to oxidize and turn completely black. The molecules of the gold and silver bond during this process, making the finish very durable. The jewelry is then tumbled in a barrel along with nutshells, wood chips and wax. The friction of these materials against the treated jewelry reveals the gold.

The gold oxidation finish can last a lifetime! It will not darken or tarnish. The life of the finish depends on many factors, such as an individual’s body chemistry and the amount of wear the jewelry receives.

To care for your gold oxidation finish, clean it with a mild detergent mixed with a little water, rinse well, and dry thoroughly. It may also be cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth. Don't use liquid jewelry dips; the chemicals used can cause the plating to wear off more quickly. Avoid rubbing rings against other surfaces (such as resting your hands on the steering wheel) and remove rings when doing heavy labor.

DelBrenna's Rhodium Finish

Our Silver Doesn’t Tarnish!

Rhodium is a silvery-white precious metal and a member of the platinum family. It is the material most often used to plate jewelry because of its highly reflective finish, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Rhodium costs about six times as much as gold by weight and is also hypoallergenic.

Rhodium plating can last a lifetime! The life of the plating depends on many factors, such as an individual’s body chemistry and the amount of wear the jewelry receives. 

To care for your rhodium-plated jewelry, clean it with a mild detergent mixed with a little water, rinse well, and dry thoroughly. It may also be cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth. Don't use liquid jewelry dips; the chemicals used can cause the plating to wear off more quickly. Avoid rubbing rings against other surfaces (such as resting your hands on the steering wheel) and remove rings when doing heavy labor.

DelBrenna's Medallion-Charm

Certified Quality!

DelBrenna necklaces and bracelets include a DelBrenna medallion-charm certifying its quality. It features the DelBrenna logo, “Made in Italy”, DelBrenna trademark, and the 925-silver or 750-gold grade inside an oval.

The DelBrenna trademark is a polygon shape referencing the maker's number and province with a star to the left. Italy requires a formal hallmarking registration of each specific maker. This is unique to Italian-made jewels. Number 2447 AR was given to DelBrenna by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. 

The oval (stamped 925) is the jewelry quality standard in Italy for silver. It is an alloy of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is copper. Copper is added to the alloy to increase hardness; making the metal more durable and creating the color and luster prized by consumers. 

The oval (stamped 750) is the jewelry quality standard in Italy for gold. The 750 verifies that pure gold makes up 75% of the alloy; more commonly known as 18 karat (or 18k) gold. The remaining portion of the alloy is typically made up of silver and copper.

The Four Chain Types

Substantial & Everlasting!

LINKS - The DelBrenna Original - available in 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm diameter.


BEADS - Timeless & Classic - available in 3mm and 5mm diameter.


DONUTS - Extraordinary - available in 3mm and 5mm diameter.


CYLINDERS - A Contemporary Touch - available in 2mm and 3mm diameter.

DelBrenna's Necklace & Bracelet Lengths

Custom Lengths May be Ordered Upon Request!

DelBrenna necklaces come in four standard lengths. Bracelets come in one standard length. Every chain has our signature swivel lobster clasp and DelBrenna medallion.

·       Princess Length - measures 16 - 18 inches 

·       Matinee Length - measures 20 - 22 inches  

·       Opera Length - measures 27 - 29 inches 

·       Rope Length - measures 34 - 36 inches

·       Bracelets - measure 6.75 inches plus a 1.25-inch extension

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