The Delle Mano Story


Five years ago, Gregg and I traveled to Italy with a group of our dearest friends.  It was an amazing adventure filled with love, laughter, and discovery.  One such amazing discovery was the small village of Cortona (home to the story Under the Tuscan Sun by Francis Mayes).  Our friend Karen and I were shopping (no surprise there if you know me at all) when we came across the most enchanting jewelry store; DelBrenna Jewelry.  The story of DelBrenna Jewelry and stemware reaches back three generations in the village of Cortona.  What began as a passion became a tradition and a way of life.  Assisting us at the counter was Megan DelBrenna, wife of Sebastian.  Her engaging personality led to a gracious discussion during which Karen and I learned that Megan was from Fort Scott, Kansas and had an architecture degree from Kansas State University (what a small world)!  Imagine, in the middle of Italy, a connection to home.  After meeting Sebastian in the nearby workshop and participating in a delectable selection of wine and antipasti, we hugged good bye and promised to keep in touch.

Over the next several years, I purchased a few more pieces of DelBrenna jewelry as wearing it brought back wonderful memories of the time spent in Cortona, it also brought numerous compliments.

I love this jewelry for many reasons, it is truly handmade by members of Sebastian’s family, no factories, sweat shops, etc.  Each piece is given the time and love it deserves (80 steps per inch in making the chains) and fashioned from only the highest quality material.  Your piece may be similar to someone else’s but it will never be exactly the same (much as we are as individuals).  You can see and feel the passion that is invested in each piece, and if you know me at all, you know I like unique things I am not one to join in on a trend of any kind just because everyone else is.  I treasure uniqueness and quality.

In July 2016 Gregg and I had a chance to visit Newport Beach which prompted a visit to the brand new DelBrenna store…..First in the USA!!!! We stepped inside and it was as if we never left Italy, Megan jumped up and ran to hug us (we did not tell them we were coming for we were sure they would not remember us considering all the visitors they receive).  Our conversation that afternoon was long and joyous and also led us to a more serious consideration; would we be interested in representing DelBrenna in the Midwest.  We were humbled and honored to even be considered and promised to give it some serious thought.  We certainly share the passion for the good life that DelBrenna possesses, love of family and friends, beauty, and honoring the gifts we are all given to provide joy to others.  So… after much discussion, soul searching and prayer, we are thrilled to announce that we have launched Delle Mano; the exclusive Midwest region distributor of DelBrenna products.

We would love to talk to you about our adventure.  We feature fine heirloom quality jewelry and exquisite glassware.  All handmade in Cortona Italy.  As a way of displaying our gratitude for this humbling opportunity, we have made a commitment to donate a minimum of 10% of all retail sales to St. Jude and Kansas Cripple Children (the group that helped my parents pay for me braces and corrective shoes when I was little and they were students with no funds).  Should you arrange an event with us, we also pledge to donate up to 20% of your event proceeds to the 501(c)(3) of your choice.  We invite you to visit the links below for more information and also


PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD - Delle Mano..experience a little piece of Tuscany and invest in Le Dolce Vita!!!!!  Ciao.

Del Brenna Story

One Passion, Three Generations.


The Delbrenna family is deeply-rooted in the traditions of fine jewelry making and committed to spreading happiness through their work. In the early 1900’s, Giovanni DelBrenna chose the trade that would become his family’s passion for generations. Giovanni honed his craft in Florence, Italy amongst renowned goldsmiths, prestigious clients, and famous artists such as Benvenuto Cellini. Giovanni passed down the secrets of his trade to his son-in-law, Massimo.


Massimo, in turn, passed down the family tradition and passion to his twin sons, Alessandro and Sebastian. The brothers grew up in their father’s workshop, learning his attention to detail and his knowledge of precious metals and gemstones. The skills and secrets that have inspired DelBrenna’s unique style of jewelry and footwear were passed down from grandfather to father and now on to his sons.   


Alessandro and Sebastian, along with their wives Lucia and Megan, are committed to following the family tradition as they expand their trade and introduce the DelBrenna lifestyle to more people. As the DelBrenna brand grows, they preserve an environment where the art of the goldsmith, an appreciation of finer things, and the joy of accessorizing can all happily coexist. Destiny and dedication bind the family to its legacy of spreading joy; transmitting the magic created in their workshop to individuals and families around the world.


"Our grandfather passed his craft on to our father, who, in-turn, taught us. With an enduring devotion to evolve our skills and invest in the future, we at DelBrenna cultivate this birthright which inspires our distinctive style; handcrafted, one piece at a time, at our family’s studio in Cortona, Tuscany."


-Sebastian Ghezzi DelBrenna

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